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Ring of Fire Fleet
Klingon Lifestyles Play

Here it is, this years Klingon Lifestyles Presentation at Comic Con 2012:

Day of Honor

On this date in March 23rd 1967 was the airing of episode #26, production #27, written by Gene L. Coon and directed by John Newland. This episode marks the first appearance of Klingons in the episode entitled "Errands of Mercy".

Eeba ads posted.

We spent part of yesterday filming a prequel mini movie for the 2010 Comic Con Klingon Lifestyle Play.  In our video section you can see the first two videos to come out of what we filmed.  So please enjoy our two Eeba ads.

Stranglehold returns to ConDor! PDF Print E-mail

The Stranglehold returned to ConDor with their "K'Tool Time" panel and sporting the Ring of Fire Fleet banner once more into their halls. Though the panel was not as full as most the most important thing is we had fun!


Release the Kraken

Members of the IKV Stranglehold, IKRV Hurgh Hap, and the KPV Dragonstorm donned Earth disguises of Pirates and made a Kraken Rum video in response to a challenge, below is the link to the video we tapped last weekend.

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