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After much talk but no action I have come to the conclusion that I had better get off my chair and announce the long awaited (mentioned at last years Feast) Fleet Chat on the Ring of Fire Fleet Chat room. This will be the opportunity for all interested parties within the fleet to all be together and discuss ideas and find out what is going on. Topics for our first chat will be on the "Undiscovered Country" region that has begun to take shape and also the subject of "other Aliens" aboard our vessels which has just reciently come up.

The first chat room experience will be on Wednesday March 10 at 6:30 pm PST.

DujlIj yIvoq

Fleet Adm K'Han Den

USS Gorkon March for Babies fundraiser

Qalpa' to my fellow RoFF members.

I like to announce that the USS Gorkon is raising money for the March for Babies in Indianapolis, In. Our goal is to raise $500 dollars for the event. I like everyone to take few moments of your time and visit our team page at;

Stranglehold Holiday Party PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 13 December 2009 18:36

Qapla to all who showed up at last nights Stranglehold Holiday Party or annual Klingonmaniac Feast! And what a time we had. Big thank you to Reekin' Jake and Experience Gibbs who showed up early to set up some festive table decorations. The evening had what you would expect and then some from this crew:

A challenge to my fellow RoFF Warriors

I like to take a few momments to challenge my fellow RoFF Warriors. My First Officer challenge all of Starfleet Command Starbase 6 Commands to see which Ship could raise the most can food in one year. Starting at Starbase Indy 2009 to Starbase 2010, the goal is to see how much can food could be raised.

Starbase Indy 2009 Report from Marri?

Transmission destination: Derna
Final destination: Romulus
Source: undetermined
Signal intercepted at Morska

Begin transmission:

My dear T’zahn,

In keeping with your request, I begin this correspondence with you to satisfy your curiosity over life among “the barbarians”. But, we won’t begin there. We’ll begin outside Klingon space.

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