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Starbase Indy Update
Sunday, 29 November 2009 22:26

I like to brief my fellow warriors of the RoFF. I like to thank first off Marri for coming to the convention and bring her unique style to the convention, it was a honor to have serve with her during the weekend.

Now for some of news of the convention, I had prepared 100 pamplets with the RoFF, and I look forward to recruiting some new Klingons to the fleet, I had several new folks very interested in joining up with my ship and even one who wants to build his own. BTW all my pamplets was passed out this weekend, As everyone know I have a podcast show I do called the lou trek show, that I do with a nice guy named Lou, well Roddenberry productions loved our show so much at the convention, they will setting up with myself and Lou for a interview with time in the future, and Jeff Rector has a radio show out on the west coast, he wants to have us do some work with his show as well, so you guys out west might be hearing me on your radios in the future.

Now as some of you are aware of I am as well belong to the Federation organization Starfleet Command, this was there year end fleet meeting and I was Honored with the Fleet Commander's Ovation Award for my work this year. I also in Starbase 6, I earned the honor of Junior officer of the year award as well. I wanted to let everyone out west know that Undiscovered Country has brought honor to the RoFF this weekend, and I will bring more in the future.


Great deeds. Great songs
HoD K'Rad