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Stranglehold Holiday Party
Sunday, 13 December 2009 18:36

Qapla to all who showed up at last nights Stranglehold Holiday Party or annual Klingonmaniac Feast! And what a time we had. Big thank you to Reekin' Jake and Experience Gibbs who showed up early to set up some festive table decorations. The evening had what you would expect and then some from this crew:

Pirates, Klingons and a Vulcan Oh My.
Men pole dancing (many photos taken)
The Black Sisters Hula dancing with our own Randy, Paula and Simon critiquing (they got the votes to go to Hollywood).
The biggest batch of things available at the opportunity draw with interesting ways that turned out
Men winning hand bags for shopping
People fighting to not get the last Jack Sparrow

Yes it was quite a night. The Kos'khr's were given out as follows:

To the stage ninjas the happy smiling puff ball guy. Our ninjas were Oderlesseye, Dorothy, Robair, Lynda, Grape Shot, Mad Mattie, Maraudin Morgan, Syd Kidd, Lurch and Angela.

Lead Stage Ninja Josh got the same puff ball guy and a universal working tool.

Our filming team got puff ball guys - Wicked Cricket, Gypsy Rose, Andrew

Our Prop Pirate organizers - Experience Gibbs and Reekin' Jake gave kudos to the rest of their team after they recieved their smiling puff ball guys.

Our director Cathy got the famed clacker.

And now the actors:
Our Budget Alarm Laurel won the famed "The Big Mouth" Kos'khr

Martek and Anna our budget security team won "Thing 1" and Thing 2"

Beq SocH because of his valiant fight won the "It's Nerf or nothing" award for being felled by a single nerf dart.

Beq vaq for being felled early won the "Oh my Kahless they killed Beq vaq!"

Lorraine new to the play thing won the "It's not easy being green" award for her color and being new.

Hagh wuS won the "Tribble Farmer" award for... she carries a Tribble on her belt.

Q'aHgmar won the "It's a man's life in Espionage" for making the art of spying look easy

Maari won the "Good shootin' Tex" for her fantastic pistol packin' skills in the play. Maari was not there but some Vulcan (who we really suspected being a Romulan spy) accepted the award.

Then K'Tor/B'Raka/K'Tor/B'Raka...who knows won the "our Own Yoda" award for his memorable line "It said should be".

Kahlee won the "most deaths from the common cold"...she is the ship's doctor after all.

K'Hontas our chief Engineer, for all her skills in dealing with so man parts on her panel during the play won the "Engineering prowse above and beyond"

Our Klingon of the year award went to Beq SocH for stepping up many times without being asked to help out the crew, many times above and beyond, plus jumping into the play to take on the fighting sequence.

Our Pirate of the Year award went to Reekin' Jake for being a busy swab with the tower work, bringing shanties to the camp, hard work with props, a great drinking mate, a deamon at Liars dice. I was also reminded that once given a task he will deek to accomplish it (I know this for a fact).

The Scurvy Dawgs were given awards for a great year, after they were all shot by K'Tor. Our Swordmaster Brian won the "Golden Hook" as well.

Side note because it is sitting here on my desk an award that was to be given out last night is Martek is our newest Strike Team member on the Stranglehold so I have your pin for you. Strike Team members are those who are very active with the Klingon side of things and he has been very active with the web sites and Klingon communications, and he jumped into the play as a Classic Trek Klingon (he and Karg tried to dump me off at child care at Comic Con because they are the older have to know the Trek line on this).

Also accomplish for the year not mentioned. The Stranglehold took an award at the Mira Mesa 4th of July parade. We won the "Best Comedic Presentation" award for our combo Klingon/Pirate team... We beat out the clown's. It must have been our fight routine.

Finally the announcement for next years play. Our Script team got together and the scripting process has begun. The plot concerns a murder mystery on a space station and this time the Stranglehold will be up against Star Fleet. To that end we are seeking from the group 4 new actors (maybe 5 depending on certain things). Three Star Fleet officers and a Mr. Body character (yes he dies but he does have lines). Interested people please let me know. We will have a casting call on these characters because our actors have to project, enjoy what they will be doing and accept that the rehearsal schedule gets to be grueling yet still fun.

So it was a great holiday party. And now after typing all of this it is back to the Doctor Who Marathon to prepare for next Saturday's new episode on BBC America. Being a Sci Fi nerd is a full time job (where's my pocket protector?).

K'Han Den