Kri'stak Region

(Southern California, Southern Nevada and Arizona)

Kri'stak Region is named for the Kri'stak Volcano where Kahless the unforgettable plunged a lock of his hair into the motlen lava, and then twisted it to form the first bat'leH.

Kahlee of the House KordaS

Vice Regent
Captain Hagh WuS

IKV Stranglehold (San Diego, CA)
IKRV Hurgh Hap (Lakewood, CA)
IKV Kahless ro' (Las Vegas, NV)
KPV Dragonstorm (San Diego, CA)
IKV Hegh tay (dry-docked)
IKV Quetzalcoatl (dry-docked)
Outpost Hesperia

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