StarFire Region

(Northern California and Northern Nevada)

Home of house Heck'Lher, and home port to the IKV Bloodlust, the loudest ship in any of the fleets. For more information on this Region, contact the Regent, or Vice Regent.

Vice Adm. KataH epetai-Heck'Lher

Vice Regent
Kaptain maQchel epetai-KorDas

IKV Black Dragon - B'rel Class
IKV Bloodlust - Negh'Var class
IKV Midnight Dagger - K'Vort class
IKV Silent Warrior - B'rel Class
IKV Sons of Honor - Vorcha class
IKV Mystic Dragon - B'rel class (Launched 2/20/2005)
IKV Black Dagger - K'Vort class Dry-Docked 3/1/2005

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